Alfa Romeo Oil Change Service in Columbus, OH

Alfa Romeo Oil Change Service at Germain Alfa Romeo

Why get your oil change at Germain Alfa Romeo?

Don’t let your Alfa Romeo lose an ounce of performance or a minute of its longevity. Germain Alfa Romeo’s Service Department can help with all your needs, including changing your vehicle’s oil with no hassle or worries from third party maintenance services. No auto service location will know your car better than the dealership it came come.

Why do you need your Alfa Romeo’s oil changed?

Changing your Alfa Romeo’s oil is crucial to keeping your engine running at its best and to last the longest it can at the best value. The oil in the engine keeps all the moving parts working perfectly in tandem and protects them from wearing away. Without the proper amount or quality of oil in your Alfa Romeo, your engine could break down prematurely, overheat or lead to irreversible damage that will need part of the engine replaced.

Alfa Romeo Oil Change

How much does an oil change cost?

Getting an oil change can usually be relatively affordable, costing a starting price of $34.95. However, that price can vary depending on the kind of engine your Alfa Romeo has.

When should you change your oil?

For the best performance from your engine, we recommend you get your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Outside factors like weather can also play a role in affecting the properties of your oil and can lead to a more frequently recommended oil change. For those intense winter seasons in Ohio, it’s best to get your oil serviced more in the winter, while not waiting too much past 5,000 miles in the summer.

Alfa Romeo Oil Leak

How do you know to get your oil changed?

If you might have lost track of your mileage after your last oil change, your Alfa Romeo will have two blaring signs that it needs to get an oil change.

  • When the oil change light is on the dashboard, it means the engine’s “oil-life” is nearing its end. Oil life is based on engine conditions and accumulated engine revolutions.
  • Oil pooling beneath your vehicle. If you keep finding puddles of oil under your Alfa Romeo after it’s parked, the cause is likely due to damage from dirty or old oil. Most leaks happen from the old oil causing damage to certain places such as the engine gasket, the oil seals, valve cover gasket(s), or oil pan gaskets. Oil leaks are something you can never overlook and should be dealt with immediately.

An oil change is important for the upkeep of any vehicle, but for an Alfa Romeo, an oil change is as important as a quarterly doctor’s visit to keep it operating efficiently.

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