Alfa Romeo Brake Service & Repair in Columbus, OH

Alfa Romeo Brake Service Package at Germain Alfa Romeo

Your brakes are important to keep maintained not only for your vehicle’s sake but also to keep you and your passengers safe from any collisions. That’s why at Germain Alfa Romeo, we encourage you to make sure to keep your brakes in the best condition possible by having your brakes serviced by factory-trained Alfa Romeo technicians.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Brakes

How do I know my brakes need to be changed?

You can usually know that your brakes need to be inspected when you experience any of these common symptoms.

  • Whenever you bring your vehicle to a halt, you may hear a grinding, screeching, or squeaking sound than can be heard even from the inside of your car.
  • A “Service Brakes” sign may flash on your dashboard, indicating that you need to service them.
  • At the time when you need to bring your Alfa Romeo to a stop, you might notice that it takes more pressure on the brake pedal than usual to stop it completely.
  • You could also feel a concerning “vibrating” sensation or pull towards the side while you apply the brakes.

What happens when you don’t service your brakes regularly?

After the initial warning signs mentioned above, problems may start to worsen for your Alfa Romeo and could impair your response time when stopping at a traffic light or obstacle in the road. Hazards will also become much more dangerous when your brakes can’t react in the necessary time they were designed to do. Columbus drivers will understand how an icy road can lead to disaster in seconds. It takes a sharp mind and a vehicle with reliable responses to avoid ending up in a ditch in the snow. This could also include avoiding crashed cars whose drivers chose not to service their brakes regularly.

Where should I have my brakes inspected?

If you want to just have your brakes looked at every now and again, you could just go to a mechanic. For an Alfa Romeo, however, it might be best to have it inspected and serviced at the dealership. Let Germain Alfa Romeo’s dedicated staff ensure that your brakes are working correctly and make sure no more problems from your brakes return for a long time.